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So far, this is the only Disney remake I was actually fully interested in. (And to be honest, those I have seen I honestly didn't think were that great) I'm kinda surprised that I wanted to see this as much as I did, though. After all, the original animated film isn't just my favourite Disney film of all time. It's my favourite movie of all time period. So as you can imagine, I had really high standards for this. And with that in mind, I really liked it. I didn't love it but I still really liked it. It's beautifully directed, the musical numbers are fantastic, heavily resembling a Broadway show. (In fact, I had tears during this film's rendition of 'Be Our Guest'. It was beautiful) And while I am a touch disappointed they didn't add songs from the play like they were initially going to, the new songs are still really good.

Some characters are given more depth.  It was already made clear in advance that Lefou would have more of a personality, and he was a lot of fun. (Though I'm not a fan of how Disney boasted about how he would be openly gay in this version.  Not only are we given very little of that, but the way Disney forced this into our faces reminds me of that one kid who does one good thing and then shouts 'Notice me!  I'm a hero!') Maurice and Belle's relationship is even more touching.  Even Gaston is more than just a grade-A selfish jerk this time. (Though that can work a double-edged sword as it makes the final act a touch questionable)

What prevents me from loving this film, though, is Emma Watson as Belle. When she's talking, she's great, but when she sings, it's so obvious her voice was auto tuned that at times, it comes off as distracting, especially since everyone else sounded natural.  Any other complaint I have with this is more of a nitpick, like how they introduce this magic book that can transport Belle and the beast anywhere and they use it once but never again, even when Belle desperately has to rush back to town to save her father.  The beast's backstory could have used more focus.  Also, the opening scene, now that I think about it, does suffer a bit as a couple of things it are mentioned but the images don't really show any of it happening.

Despite all of that, I don't care what the detractors say. I think they did a good job with this. Granted, there weren't enough changes to make this completely worth it for those like me who grew up with the animated film, but on the other hand, those who don't like animation have a way to see this wonderful story for themselves.  Not sure if I'd give it a full recommendation, but I'm really glad I saw it. (Though on a side note, it's nice to see they finally changed that popcorn short that precedes every film now. Seriously, if I had to hear the name 'Colonel Kernel' one more time, I wouldn't have done anything but... uh... it's annoying having heard that name spoken out loud lord knows how many times.  I dunno, do people in America get those shorts before the trailers start?)

Subject: Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Rating: 8/10
Recommendation: Unless you're expecting something new and more complete, it's worth checking out.
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DarkAngelofOtaku Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Colonel Kernel? We Americans don't have that mascot to my knowledge. Anyways, I respect your viewpoints and agree with the recommendation. I saw it opening night and I loved it. I might even go see it again, depending on how long it's theatrical run will be.
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